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Using a 3/16-in. slot-cutting bit, rout grooves for splines in all the stiles and rails (Photo 2, Fig. A, Parts F1-F3 and S1-S4). All the grooves have the same offset, a 5/16-in. lip at the front and a 1/4-in. lip at the back (Fig. A, Detail 3). The front frame stiles (F1) and the front side frame stiles (S1) receive two slots. Read More...
We have the perfect woodworking project for you. Here you will learn how to make your own dream workbench. You must have the right tools to get started. The power tools you will need are tablesaw, planer, belt, orbital sander, router, circular saw, flush-trim bit, and dado blade. If you are missing any of these tools you can find them along with the wood you will need at the hardware supply stores in Las Vegas, NV listed below. Read More...
We all love wood, whether it's a wide clear board or a gnarly slab with wild grain. That's why sawing our own lumber crosses the minds of most woodworkers. It might be inspired by the sight of a big tree blown down by a storm, a custom tabletop made from only one or two slabs of unusual wood or the thought of free wood. Read More...
Once you delve into the world of glass, you may find there’s no turning back. Glass is a versatile material. When you want to display a cabinet’s contents, a glass door panel lets your favorite china, glassware or collectables shine. Read More...
Ipe (pronounced E-pay) is a South American wood as exotic as its name. When you hold a piece, you know it’s something special. Ipe sinks in water like cast iron, is hard as nails and polishes like brass. Of course, you don’t really have to weld it, but working with ipe may make you question your sanity. Read More...
Plastic wood is particularly well-suited for outdoor furniture. It is unaffected by water and has ultraviolet (UV) inhibitors added to protect it from the damage caused by long-term exposure to the sun. This means it will last a long time without cracking, warping or rotting. Read More...
Years of dust and the inherent friction between cast-iron parts made adjustments a real drag. ProGold's PG2000, $7 for 12 oz., rescued me and my saw, making adjustments silky smooth again. PG2000 loosens parts that are sticking together and leaves behind a coating that takes the drag out of making machine adjustments. Read More...
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