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Tools Forest Grove OR

Woodworking requires the use of many tools that you may not consider using without being advised to do so. Keep reading to learn about the wide variety of woodworking tools that are available and may help you complete your woodworking project.
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Drum Sanders Forest Grove OR

This page provides relevant content and local businesses that can help with your search for information on Drum Sanders. You will find informative articles about Drum Sanders, including "Mini Drum Sander". Below you will also find local businesses that may provide the products or services you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Forest Grove, OR that can help answer your questions about Drum Sanders.

Drill Presses Forest Grove OR

This page provides relevant content and local businesses that can help with your search for information on Drill Presses. You will find informative articles about Drill Presses, including "Woodworker Friendly Drill Presses". Below you will also find local businesses that may provide the products or services you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Forest Grove, OR that can help answer your questions about Drill Presses.

Digital Plunge Routers Forest Grove OR

This page provides relevant content and local businesses that can help with your search for information on Digital Plunge Routers. You will find informative articles about Digital Plunge Routers, including "Digital Plunge Router". Below you will also find local businesses that may provide the products or services you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Forest Grove, OR that can help answer your questions about Digital Plunge Routers.

Digital Angle Gauges Forest Grove OR

This page provides relevant content and local businesses that can help with your search for information on Digital Angle Gauges. You will find informative articles about Digital Angle Gauges, including "Digital Angle Gauges". Below you will also find local businesses that may provide the products or services you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Forest Grove, OR that can help answer your questions about Digital Angle Gauges.

Slow Speed Grinders Forest Grove OR

This page provides relevant content and local businesses that can help with your search for information on Slow Speed Grinders. You will find informative articles about Slow Speed Grinders, including "Slow-Speed Grinders - Tools - American Woodworker". Below you will also find local businesses that may provide the products or services you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Forest Grove, OR that can help answer your questions about Slow Speed Grinders.

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12 Tips for Better Biscuit Joining Forest Grove OR

Gauge blocks are handy for cutting double biscuit joints. Cutthe first slot with the joiner base referenced off the work surface.Then, use a spacer block under the joiner base for the second cut. Thegauge block eliminates the hassle and confusion of flipping your stockor resetting the fence. Make a whole set and you'll be covered for anybiscuit-spacing need.

1-2-3 MicroGage Forest Grove OR

This tool is designed for nearly any workshop alignment or precision measuring application. You can configure it to measure your router bit height, router fence offsets, jointer blade adjustment, planer in-feed and out-feed rollers, tablesaw blade height and many other uses.

14 Great Little Tools Forest Grove OR

"What tools do I need for my shop?" This has to be one of the most common question in woodworking. The answer usually starts with the big power tools: tablesaw, jointer, router, planer. But what about those everyday tools we take for granted? You know, the kind that cause you to turn to a shopmate and say, "This is a great little tool."

3 Great Router Jigs Forest Grove OR

This Dadoing Jig takes the guesswork out of routing dadoes, because setting the exact width is virtually foolproof. Being able to tailor the dadoes' width to precisely match the thickness of shelves is a real blessing when you’re building cabinets with hardwood plywood, which is always undersize in thickness.

3-Sided Molder Forest Grove OR

Woodmaster Molder/Planer with the 3-Side Molding System starts at $3,995. (The two routers can also be retrofitted to existing Woodmaster 18-in. and 25-in. molder/planers.) As you know, commercially-made molding can really add up in cost, and there's a limited number of species available. With your own 3-sided molder, you can turn out hundreds of feet of tongue-and-groove flooring, crown molding, base molding, and more, for far less cost, and you can use any wood you want.

6-Inch Jointers Forest Grove OR

A jointer is a must-have for many woodworkers. Few can do without the smooth, straight edges and faces they get from their jointers. We tested twelve 6-in. floor models that sell for under $600.

7 Trim Router Tips Forest Grove OR

Trim router motors range from 3.8 to 7.5 amps and run at speeds as high as 30,000 rpm. Add a base and the trim router weighs between 3 and 4-1/2 lbs. All models use only a 1/4-in. collet. You can buy a variety of bases and accessories (see Sources, page 4). Prices range from $80 for just the router with a standard base to $250 for a kit with several accessories.

A Little Guy with a Lot of Punch Forest Grove OR

Milwaukee's new 2401-22, 12-volt Sub-Compact Driver really packs a punch. The diminutive, 7-in.-long, 2-pound driver easily fits in a pocket or tool belt. Because it's small, installing tiny hardware screws isn't like pounding a nail with a sledgehammer.

A New Case for Safety Forest Grove OR

The ANSI-approved safety glasses are a comfortable face-fitting style. One pair of glasses is clear for indoor work; the other is tinted for working outside. They even look cool, designed with one-piece wraparound lenses. The earplugs come in their own case and include a neck cord. The finger-fitting, high-dexterity gloves are more like a second skin than a pair of work gloves. You shouldn't wear them when working on power tools, but they're handy for staying splinter-free when unloading lumber.

Accurize Your Tablesaw Forest Grove OR

When my contractor’s saw was new, it cut perfectly. Over the years, it gradually went out of whack. I’ll show you what I did to accurize it so that my blade cuts true again.

Adjustable Square Forest Grove OR

There's lots of ways it can be used in a shop, from laying out angled cuts on plywood to setting a tablesaw's miter gauge to tilting a bandsaw's table. Meant for outdoor use, this layout tool is very ruggedly built from solid aluminum alloy.

Affordable Lithium-Ion Tools Forest Grove OR

Ryobi's new 18-volt lithium-ion tools stand out—by their bright green color and by their prices. Lithium-ion power is revolutionizing battery-powered tools, because LI batteries are significantly lighter in weight than NiCad or NiMH batteries and they hold a charge longer when not in use (a great feature for weekend woodworkers).

All-Inclusive Slot Cutter Set Forest Grove OR

Mount a single cutter and bearing for conventional slot cutting or, using the longer arbor, stack up a number of cutters for making a very wide slot. Using a countersunk bolt the cutters can be mounted at the end of the arbor to allow undercutting, as you would with a lock rabbet joint. The cutter set includes one 1/16-in., one 1/8-in., one 5/32-in., one 3/16-in., and three 1/4-in. cutters.

Amana Miniature Bearing Router Bits Forest Grove OR

Amana Tool’s miniature bearing router bits are designed with a ball bearing at the bottom end of the bit, eliminating burnout caused by brass pin-piloted bits.

Amana Raised Panel MDF Bits Forest Grove OR

Amana’s replaceable router bit knives are made of special hardened sub-micro grade carbide, which is four times harder than materials used in standard brazed router bits. This higher grade of carbide increases the life of the router bit and delivers quality, smooth cuts in harder materials such as MDF and chipboard.

Amana Table Edge Router Bits Forest Grove OR

Each router bit features a bearing guide and two-flute cutting design that delivers superior results on frac34; thick material. The cutting edge of the bits is made of Amana's exclusive carbide grade that delivers the highest quality of cut, maximum cutting efficiency and extended tool life.

Become a Tool Nut Forest Grove OR

My life as a woodworker changed overnight when I bought a Leigh mortiseand tenon jig. I'd promised my spouse to build an entire set of diningchairs by Thanksgiving without realizing how many complicated jointsI'd have to make. A friend told me about the Leigh jig and how muchtime it would save, so I swallowed hard (it cost over $600!) and poniedup.

Belt Disc Sanders Forest Grove OR

Acombination belt-disc sander is similar to a mid-round draft choice on an athletic team. It's not a priority purchase, like a tablesaw or planer, but it's valuable in a woodworking shop as a role player. It's two tools in one. The disc is great for precise edge work, like fitting miter joints and trueing outside curves.

Benchtop Mortisers Forest Grove OR

Traditionally, mortisers used fast-speed, 3,450 rpm motors, but now slow-speed machines are also on the market. Three of the machines we tested have 1,725-rpm motors. Read on to learn more.

Bessey K Body Clamp Extender Forest Grove OR

The K Body Extender is the latest accessory designed for the original parallel jaw clamp. It's one of those great ideas that leave you wondering, "Why didn't anyone think of this before?" The Extender allows you to combine two clamps for large-scale glue-ups. The durable aluminum construction fits the unique rail profile of the K Body to form a precise, rigid link.

Better Baseplate Forest Grove OR

te. For making circles, you attach one or more extension plates to the main baseplate, install a pin or screw into the extension to make a pivot point, and dial in an exact distance using the adjustment knob, as above. This is just a small taste of what the Router Wizard Pro can do.

Big Jointer for Big Work Forest Grove OR

With a 12 x 84-in. bed, this giant looks more like an aircraft carrier than a jointer. The G0609 has a four-knife cutterhead driven by a 3-hp (18-amp) 220-volt motor. Knife elevation is controlled by jackscrews. You can get a helical carbide-insert cutterhead instead of the four-knife head for an additional $795.

Big New Planer Forest Grove OR

If you're convinced that bigger is better, this is the planer for you. With 25-in. width capacity, 9-in. thickness capacity, a 15-hp, 3-phase motor and weighing in at a whopping 1906 pounds, the G0603X ($7,995) is the biggest planer Grizzly sells.

Black-Max Sanding Discs Last and Last Forest Grove OR

If you like getting bang for your buck, or just hate changing sanding discs, check out Woodworker's Supply's new Black-Max 5-in.-dia. ceramic sanding discs. They cost about a buck apiece—almost three times more than a conventional aluminum-oxide disc—but they last up to five times longer, according to the manufacturer.

BOSCH Digital Multi-Detector Forest Grove OR

The new Bosch Model DMD4K Multi-Detector has capabilities that go way beyond the average stud finder. Flip a switch and this versatile tool will detect embedded metal in a slab of wood (before your saw does) or pin-point live wires and plumbing buried in a wall.

Bosch Finish and Trim Nailers Forest Grove OR

Bosch’s finish tools gain an especially narrow nose and slim body thanks to Full Force Technology, a patented, highly efficient air chamber design. This means great line-of-sight and precision in the applications where it matters most. The design also delivers outstanding maneuverability when working in tight spaces, superior balance and ergonomics for all day use and the best power-to-size ratio in the industry.

Bowl Gouges Forest Grove OR

A modern bowl gouge has three parts: a rod, flute and handle. A solid round rod makes the tool very strong. The rod’s flute is generally a deeply cut oval, which improves the tool’s chip-cutting action.

CAD for Woodworkers Forest Grove OR

Full-size patterns are particularly helpful when your project has a large or complex shape. You don't need a special printer to make full-size patterns, because CAD programs can split a large drawing across several sheets of letter-size paper. This is called tiled printing.

Carbide Cutterheads for Jointers Forest Grove OR

On average, the initial additional expense of a segmented carbide cutterhead is about the same as the cost for 20 HSS knife sharpenings, so you’ll eventually recoup your investment on the carbide model. With a segmented cutterhead, you basically pay up front for sharpenings but you get to enjoy all the benefits of carbide right away.

Carbide Insert Flush-Trim Bit Forest Grove OR

CMT's new carbide insert bits, $85, solve this problem, plus a few others. “Whoa!” you say. “85 bucks for a flush-trim bit?” You're right; it's a lot of dough. A comparable noninsert flush-trim bit with a 1/2-in. shank and 1-in. cut length costs around $35.

Cartridge Dust Filters Forest Grove OR

A single-cartridge filter offers much more filter area than a single-bag filter (Photo 2). That’s because the filter material is folded or pleated like an accordion (Photo 1). The pleated filter design fits a ton of filter material into a small package. The increased filter area makes it easier for air to flow through the filter.

Chairmaker's Delight Forest Grove OR

This type of tool has a long and venerable history. Before the machine era, chairmakers made their own scraper shaves with a variety of flat, convex and concave bottoms. Antique artisan-made scraper shaves are difficult to find, however. Mass-produced scraper shaves, such as the Stanley 62, are very rare.

Choose the Right Grinding Wheel Forest Grove OR

Hard steel quickly dulls the abrasive particlesin a wheel. With a soft bond, the dull abrasive sloughs off quickly,leaving fresh, sharp abrasive to do the work. A hard bond, on the otherhand, holds tight to the abrasive particles, even after they're dull.

Clean Rusty Tools by Electrolysis Forest Grove OR

The rust flees from the negatively charged tool and is attracted to the positively charged scrap iron. The cleaning action occurs only in a line-of-sight manner, so it's best if the scrap iron surrounds the tool. When you've wired the tool and scrap-iron rod, plug in the charger.

Clean Your Disc Sander Forest Grove OR

Remove the disc sander's table and lower guard or dust shroud. If you can, tilt yoursander so the disc is horizontal. Squirt some Goo Gone on the disc andlet it soak for a few minutes. Then scrub the disc with a smallfine-bristle wire brush.

Cordless Brad Nailer Forest Grove OR

DeWalt's new DC608 isn't the first cordless brad nailer, but it is one of the best. The big advantage of going cordless, of course, is that you don't need a compressor or gas cartridges, and there's no air hose to deal with.

Craftsman C3 Lithium-Ion Power Tools Forest Grove OR

C3 Jigsaw with Laser– This cordless jigsaw features Laser Trac for proper blade alignment to follow line of cut and a powerful motor to handle a heavy workload. The saw has trigger controlled variable speed (0-1200 RPM) to customize for each job, four orbital cutting positions to cut various materials, a 1 in. blade stroke for a longer blade life, tool-less blade clamp, overmold handle for added control, tilt base and on board blade storage for convenient use.

Craftsman Midi Lathe Forest Grove OR

The Midi Lathe is precision machined and comes with 12 indexing positions to provide the user with options on carving styles including fluting, layout, and grooving/veining as well as drilling. Also featured are a tool rest and tail stock that adjust easily with cam lock handles and stay secure when locked down.  A knock out bar is included for easy lathe center removal.

Craftsman MiterMate Forest Grove OR

The V-fence system pivots for accurate settings of both angles while the left and right sliding fences provide maximum support when making cuts. The MiterMater is powered by a 15 amp motor and 10 inch 40 tooth carbide tip saw blade for sharp and clean cuts.

Curved Scrapers Forest Grove OR

Here's the inside scoop on those inside curves. It's a lot easier to get good results if you concentrate on creating a hook on one side only. Here's how it works: Start by creating a slight bevel on the edge (Photo 1). Then remove the wire edge (Photo 2). Finally, use your burnisher to roll the cutting hook (Photo 3).

Custom Router Bits Forest Grove OR

Andrews Toolworks is one company in the businessof making one-of-a-kind carbide bits. Prices range from $155 to $300for a single bit. So if you only have a few feet of molding to run,there are more economical ways of reproducing old moldings.

Cutting-Edge Sliding Miter Saw Forest Grove OR

The C10FSH 10-in. dual-bevel sliding compound miter saw from Hitachi, $500, is one of the latest entries into laser-guided cutting. On this saw, the laser line can be cast down the blade's left or right side, it's very easy to fine-tune for accuracy and it works no matter what angle or bevel you're cutting.

DeWalt Compact Lithium Ion Tools Forest Grove OR

DeWalt recently launched a line of compact lithium ion power tools including a drill driver, impact driver, hammerdrill and right angle drill. Two combo kits are also available.

Digital Angle Gauges Forest Grove OR

This page provides relevant content and local businesses that can help with your search for information on Digital Angle Gauges. You will find informative articles about Digital Angle Gauges, including "Digital Angle Gauges". Below you will also find local businesses that may provide the products or services you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Forest Grove, OR that can help answer your questions about Digital Angle Gauges.

Digital Caliper Reads in Fractions Forest Grove OR

These calipers, available with 4-in. or 6-in. capacity, can be zeroed at any position, which allows you to measure the difference in thickness between two items without doing fractional math. These calipers will read inside or outside dimensions and they have an auto-off feature to prevent the battery from running down. Oh, one more thing: If you like, you can change the display to read in decimals as small as thousandths or in millimeters, allowing you to measure to 1/64 in., .0005 in. or .01 mm.

Digital Plunge Routers Forest Grove OR

This page provides relevant content and local businesses that can help with your search for information on Digital Plunge Routers. You will find informative articles about Digital Plunge Routers, including "Digital Plunge Router". Below you will also find local businesses that may provide the products or services you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Forest Grove, OR that can help answer your questions about Digital Plunge Routers.

Dream Sharpening Machine Forest Grove OR

The Lap-Sharp works like an old-fashioned record player. Instead of LPs, you interchange coarse, medium and fine platters. Additional super-fine grits are also available. Each platter is an aluminum disc covered with an easily replaceable adhesive-backed abrasive.

Dremel Detail Abrasive Brush Forest Grove OR

Each sanding brush is color coded by grit strength for easy identification. The brown brush (EZ471SA) contains 36 grit and is best used to remove light rust from metal or steel. The white brush (EZ472SA) contains 120 grit and works well to remove light paint from wood.

Drill Presses Forest Grove OR

This page provides relevant content and local businesses that can help with your search for information on Drill Presses. You will find informative articles about Drill Presses, including "Woodworker Friendly Drill Presses". Below you will also find local businesses that may provide the products or services you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Forest Grove, OR that can help answer your questions about Drill Presses.

Drum Sanders Forest Grove OR

This page provides relevant content and local businesses that can help with your search for information on Drum Sanders. You will find informative articles about Drum Sanders, including "Mini Drum Sander". Below you will also find local businesses that may provide the products or services you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Forest Grove, OR that can help answer your questions about Drum Sanders.

Dynamic Duo Forest Grove OR

The Driver features a variable speed 0-300 rpm motor and an electronic brake that quickly stops the bit's rotation when you release the trigger, to reduce stripping screw heads. Dremel says the Stylus can handle most rotary tool tasks without the encumbrance of a flex shaft. You hold the Stylus like a pencil, for precise control.

Earlex 6900 Commercial Grade HVLP Sprayer Forest Grove OR

Due to the three-stage, 1100-watt Ametek turbine, the new HV6900 Spray Station is suitable for thick and thin viscosity materials and provides ease of use for professionals with a hard-wearing aluminium spray gun, easy-change pre-filter, a 13-foot cord, carry handle and cord stoages.

Easy-to-Customize Mobile Base Forest Grove OR

tools. For the base to handle the load and roll easily, however, the tool must rest squarely on the steel corners. Two foot-operated pedals raise and lower the machine. Swivel casters take over after the machine is lifted.

Eclipse Scrollsaw Forest Grove OR

The story of the Eclipse scrollsaw is a classic American tale. Like the Wright brothers who invented man’s first flying machine in their bike shop, Ernie Mellon designed and built the revolutionary Eclipse scrollsaw in his garage. What makes the Eclipse unique is the lack of pivoting arms or parallel links that give motion to the blade. Instead, it uses a revolutionary “oscillating-loop” drive mechanism.

Economical Through Dovetail Jig Forest Grove OR

Forget worrying about limited dovetail jig capacity. The ChestMate dovetail jig allows cutting through dovetails anywhere on boards of any width. The process is pretty simple. The jig has an indexing pin that fits 1/8-in. kerfs sawn in a story stick that you make.

Electronic Age Hits Miter Saws Forest Grove OR

This machine is slightly more expensive than other saws that include a laser but no digital readout. The following article has more information about the saw so read on.

Eliminate Fuzzy Fillets Forest Grove OR

The Quadra-Cut bit left a near-perfect surface requiring only a light sanding before finishing (Photo A). A standard bit of the same profile left a lot of fuzz and tearout at the top of the fillet (Photo B). Needless to say, we were very impressed with this bit design.

Environmentally Safe Paint and Varnish Remover Forest Grove OR

Green Strip removes clear finishes such as shellac, lacquer and both polyurethane and non-polyurethane varnish, as well as both latex and epoxy paint. It's working time ranges from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the nature of the finish, the number of layers, the air temperature and relative humidity.

Fast Accurate Height Adjustments Forest Grove OR

The Angle Wright is a precision instrument that helps you make quick and accurate height adjustments of router bits, jointer knives and table saw blades. Made in the USA of anodized aluminum and steel, it features recessed brass adjustment knobs that allow the tool to be used flat on its side or in an upright position.

Feature-Packed 6-inch Jointer Forest Grove OR

The G0604's four-knife cutterhead spreads out the workload more than a typical three-knife cutterhead, so you can go longer between knife changes. My tired back appreciates the easy-to-reach on/off switch.

Feature-Packed Hybrid Forest Grove OR

Want a cabinet saw but don't have 220-volt power? Here's the next best thing: a hybrid saw, which only requires a standard 115-volt outlet. Delta's new 36-750B hybrid saw has a 1-3/4-hp motor, which for all practical purposes gives you the most power you can get from a 115-volt circuit.

Feature-Packed Plunge Base Forest Grove OR

Through-the-column dust collection directs the vacuum hose up over your shoulder, so it's out of the way. A swiveling six-position turret allows precise plunge depth control. An opening in the base's motor housing provides access to the router's body-mounted switch, so you can cut the power without removing your hands from the pommels.

Feature-Rich, Powerful and Ergonomically Smart Forest Grove OR

Festool set the bar high when it set out to develop the new OF2200 plunge router. An initial look at the machine suggests they made it over that bar, with room to spare. To accomplish this, Festool took a fresh look at this workhorse of a tool, and developed the OF2200 to better fit the routing habits of woodworkers.

Festool Multi-jetstream Abrasives Forest Grove OR

Festool just announced it will be transitioning all 6” disc abrasives and pads to the new Multi-Jetstream design. The new design provides higher material removal rates, increases airflow, and results in even better dust extraction efficiency.

Festool T3 Drills Forest Grove OR

The brushless motors are electronically-controlled with fewer wearing parts and less friction, to make more efficient use of energy. Each drill set has five different chucks that utilize Festool’s tool-less FastFix and Centrotec interfaces for incredible flexibility and ease of use.

First-Rate Dowel Jig Forest Grove OR

Spacers are included to create offset joints or to center dowels on material thicker than 3/4-in. An indexing pin and rod are included for positioning the jig on long edges. One-quarter-inch drill guides are available for $35 per set.

Float Through Your Routing Tasks Forest Grove OR

With the cutter alone providing resistance, the job of controlling the router is made easier with the Air-Glide. We tried the base on edge cuts (above) to see how the base performed when over half the air jet holes are hanging in thin air.

Forrest Manufacturing Chop Master Forest Grove OR

The Signature Line Chop Master has 90 teeth and -5° hook to control feed rate. It is currently available in 10- and 12-inch diameters with 5/8- or one-inch center holes. Custom sizes are also available.

Forstner Bits Forest Grove OR

The knife-edge is the most traditional Forstner design and does a great job of cutting nonstandard holes. That's because it has the fewest rim interruptions. Its rim is ground to create an inside bevel with a sharp knife-edge.

Four-Star Honing Guide Forest Grove OR

The system is rock-solid and virtually foolproof. The stone's entire width can be used for sharpening, because both the iron's position in the sled and the stone's position within the guides can be varied.

Frame-and-Panel Set Forest Grove OR

Frame-and-panel router bits sets are thickness specific, so the bits you use for a cabinet door may not be the same set you need for a delicate jewelry box made from thinner material. Scaled-down frame-and-panel sets, like this new one from Freud, solve the problem.

French Polishing Forest Grove OR

What is French polish? It’s simply shellac and a little oil applied with a pad. The oil acts as a lubricant when you apply the finish. French polish is available as commercially made products, also labeled as padding lacquer or friction polish.

General Internation Mini-lathe Duplicator Forest Grove OR

The duplicator fits most 6”-14” benchtop or mini lathes that have cast bedways. It duplicates from either an original sample spindle having a maximum diameter of 3” or a user made template having a maximum width of 2”.

General International Flexible Expandable Roller Stand Forest Grove OR

General International Flexible Expandable Roller Stand General International's new model 50-166 adjustable height expandable roller system is ideal for support of large, awkward or cumbersome stock and for in-feed or out-feed assist applications.

Get It Dead Square Forest Grove OR

The 3D Squares are milled from aluminum with a guarantee of being less than .002-in. out of square across the 6-in. length of the leg. Each leg contains drilled and countersunk screw holes in case you want to fasten the squares to a jig or fixture.

Glow-in-the-Dark Glue Forest Grove OR

The additive makes Titebond II?Fluorescent glow under black light, whether it's wet or dry (you can buy a black-light bulb for about $10 at a home center). Titebond II Fluorescent glue can be used for both indoor and outdoor projects, so it will replace Titebond Fluorescent, which has been available for about a year.

Granite-Topped Tablesaw Forest Grove OR

They aren't affected by heat, cold or humidity. And they won't rust: good news for those of you living on the coasts. Granite is maintenance-free, according to Steel City, and no more prone to chipping than cast iron/

Grizzly Jointer/Planer Forest Grove OR

Put together a 12-in. planer and a 12-in. jointer and what have you got? A two-in-one combination machine that's perfect for a small shop. European woodworkers have long been enthusiastic about these compact machines, but they haven't made much of an inroad in the U.S. Grizzly is about to change that, for two reasons: low price and a spiral carbide-insert cutterhead.

Hand Sanding Blocks Forest Grove OR

Isaac Fischer, Jr., of Springfield, Vt., patented sandpaper on June 14, 1834. Shortly after that, presumably, sanding blocks were invented. Sanding blocks apply even pressure over the entire surface of the paper. This makes sanding by hand faster and more efficient.

Heavy Lathe with Extra Capacity Forest Grove OR

The Maxi Lathe, model 25-100 M1, has step pulleys at 480, 1,270, 1,960, 2,730, 3,327 and 4,023 rpm for speed control. It's driven by a 1/2-hp motor. Two bed extensions are available. The 25-130 extension, $95, increases the spindle capacity to 35 in. between centers.

Heavy-Duty Glue Scraper Forest Grove OR

The pipe is aprethreaded nipple. The blade comes with a predrilled 1/4-in. hole, butI had to drill holes through a dowel and the end cap for the threadedrod. The rubber washers dampen vibration. To remove old, dried gluefrom the blade, I scrape it with a chisel or soak it in hot water.

Hide-away Shop Desk Forest Grove OR

I used to have a desk in my shop for reviewing cutlists and drawing plans. I really liked having that permanent spot for my calculator, pens, pencils and paper, but its big horizontal surface was a magnet for piling up junk. That's why I was thrilled to find Duluth Trading Company's new Plan Station, $69.50.

Highly Compressible Hose Makes Moving Machines Easier Forest Grove OR

The Flexadux PVR-4 is a medium weight clear PVC hose reinforced with a spring steel wire helix. Designed for dust and light woodchip collection, the ribbed construction on the outside of the hose leaves a smooth interior wall that minimizes airflow resistance.

Hitachi Compact Pro Series 18v Drill Forest Grove OR

Designed without the vertical cell chamber of a post-style battery, the new slide battery allows the DS18DSAL to have an ergonomically shaped handle. At half the weight of NiCd or NiMH batteries, this battery combined with the balanced tool body minimizes user fatigue and maximizes control and accuracy.

Instant Carving Forest Grove OR

A friend of mine spent years trying to teach me to carve. Sorry, it just ain't in these hands. But CMT had me carving—sort of—in minutes. The company's new 3D Router Carver System turns a plunge router into a carving tool. You can get started in the system for around $180.

Japanese Dozuki Saws Forest Grove OR

All Japanese saws cut on the pull stroke; Western saws, as we all know, cut on the push stroke. Once you've made the switch, you'll find the pull stroke quite natural. It has two overwhelming benefits: following a line is much easier, and that makes sawing far less fatiguing, both physically and mentally.

Jointer/Planer Combo Machine Forest Grove OR

Grizzly's new G0633 12-in. Jointer/Planer Combination machine, $1,795, does dual duty with one cutter head. At first blush the price tag may seem high, but the economics are good when you combine the prices of a stationary induction-motor planer and jointer.

Jorgensen ISD3 Clamps Forest Grove OR

The real breakthrough comes in the design of the foot that allows two of the clamps to be used in tandem for larger clamping jobs. Read on to learn more information below.

Kreg Klamp Table Forest Grove OR

The Klamp Table combines several of Kreg's Klamp System components into one amazing clamping station. In addition to the table, you get Kreg's Bench Klamps, Klamp Blocks and Klamp Trak sections. Utilizing a simple technology called Inter-Lok, the Bench Klamps can be quickly added almost anywhere you need them.

Laguna Platinum Cabinet Saw Forest Grove OR

A riving knife is a great safety feature. It's a splitter that's always positioned 1/8-in. or so away from the blade, which greatly reduces the chance of kickback. To maintain that small clearance, a riving knife rises and falls with the blade.

Larger-Capacity Akeda Jig Forest Grove OR

We gave the 16-in. Akeda dovetail jig our Editor's Choice award last year because it was precise and easy to use. Akeda has recently introduced a 24-in. model, suitable for a blanket chest or other large casework, using the same clever system of snap-in, indexed guide fingers.

Lee Valley Dust Collection Accessories Forest Grove OR

It bends, expands and compresses to snake around obstructions or to collect debris directly in hard to reach places. It comes in 2-1/2" and 4" diameters. It's about $10 for three feet and it's very handy. Both accessories are available from direct from Lee Valley .

Leigh Mortise and Tenon Jig Forest Grove OR

After giving the FMT a thorough workout on a couple of practice chairs my enthusiasm has returned. It takes a few hours and some patience to master the numerous adjustments, but once you do, the jig becomes a real pleasure to use.

Makita 18v VXT 3-Speed Impact Driver Forest Grove OR

The hard impact setting ranges from 0-2,600 RPM and 0-3,400 IPM and 1,420 in. lbs. of torque for large fasteners such as lag bolts. The BTD144 has a compact design at just 5-1/2” in length and only 3.3 lbs. with an 18V LXT Lithium-Ion battery.

Makita Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw Forest Grove OR

At 6-5/8”, the LS1016L has a very large crown molding cutting capacity. Makita’s patented retractable rear guard provides the LS1016L with 4-3/4” baseboard cutting capacity (vertical). The LS1016L also has a cross- cutting capacity of 12” at 90°.

Makita Plunge Routers Forest Grove OR

Makita has add two 3-1/4 HP Plunge Routers to their line, models RP1800 and RP2301FC (Variable Speed). The RP1800 features a 15 amp motor with 22,000 RPM. It has a 0” – 2-3/4” plunge depth capacity, with linear ball bearings for smooth plunge action.

Makita Plunge-cut Circular Saw and Guide Forest Grove OR

The saw includes a range of convenient features, including a large top handle, an electric brake for more productivity, as well as a lock-lever that attaches the saw to the rail system so the saw stays on the rail when positioned for a bevel cut.

Master Your Brad Nailer Forest Grove OR

If your firing angle parallels the growth rings, the brad will simply deflect off the hard latewood. Increase the air pressure when you nail into hard wood. Just like a putt that falls off line when it loses speed, a brad driven softly is more likely to deflect.

Math Free Arc Geometry Forest Grove OR

The 12-in. ruled edge adjusts easily to draw curves of any radius from 6-3/4-in. to 200-in. (17-cm. to 500-cm. in the metric model). It can also find centerlines and center points of curves. The Acu-Arc is made in the USA of a rugged new plastic material that's both flexible and durable.

Maxi-Cut Forstner Bits and Parabolic Pen-Making Bits Forest Grove OR

The Colt HSS Parabolic-Flute Drill Bits are specifically designed for cutting quickly and cleaning through the end grain of dense hardwoods, epoxy-stabilized woods and other challenging materials.

Milescraft Finish Carpentry Line Forest Grove OR

The HV6900 is ideal for heavy-duty use in a cabinet shop or out in the field, weighing only 25 lbs and making it extremely portable and compact for many uses.

Mini Router Plane Forest Grove OR

The Veritas small router plane is a much nicer tool than the old Stanley 271, which it's modeled after. Its base measures 3-1/4 in. wide by 2-1/4 in. deep. The blade may be reversed for bullnose work.

Miter Saw Dust Shroud Forest Grove OR

Miter saws are a great convenience, but they spread sawdust like a sprinkler spreads water. The new Downdrafter shroud from Rousseau, $200, combined with a dust collector, acts like a parachute behind the saw and grabs almost every bit of dust. You may cringe at the price, but some good engineering is at work here.

Miter Saws Forest Grove OR

T-track makes the stop easy to install and adjust. When the stop isn't necessary, tightening the knobs draws the bolts into the counterbored holes, so they don't protrude.

MLCS Coping Sleds Forest Grove OR

MLCS Woodworking recently introduced a new line of Deluxe Coping Safety Sleds. All the sleds come with a 500lb. holding clamp, a solid heavy duty base, replaceable backer blocks, and dual handles.

MLCS FastJoint System Forest Grove OR

MLCS FastJoint System MLCS Woodworking recently introduced the Fast Joint Precision Joinery System. This system comes with everything you need to create some very unique joints. It is designed to be used on your router table with an insert that allows use of bushing guide.

Mobile Bases Forest Grove OR

Whether you shop is large or small, mobile bases allow you to get the most out of the space you have. When I need to re-saw some long stock on my bandsaw, its mobile base lets me easily reposition it to clear nearby obstacles.

Mortise Pal Forest Grove OR

The improved jig maintains the same functionality of the original version. To accurately locate mortises, make lay out lines marking the center of the mortise and use the jig's centerline indicators for registration. Mortise Pal can easily locate mortises on end-grain, good for doing loose tenon joinery.

Motion-Activated Dual Laser Forest Grove OR

A laser is an excellent addition to a miter saw, improving both accuracy and safety by showing you precisely where the blade is about to cut. The new model 3800 10-in. compound miter saw from Skil, $180, contains a motion-activated dual laser that turns on as you approach the saw.

Multi-Function Router Base Forest Grove OR

The Router Buddy is a 7-in.-dia. base plate that's bored to fit most popular routers. It's equipped with an integral edge guide/circle-cutting jig and a center hole that's counterbored to accept Porter-Cable guide bushings. Changing from one operation to another takes only seconds.

Multi-Plug Cord Forest Grove OR

Outlets are spaced every 8 ft. on the cord. You can plug a tool in right where you're working. Best of all, the built-in mounting loops allow me to string the cord up on the wall. No more cords on the floor. Each outlet has a little green light that glows when the juice is on.

New Dovetail Jig Forest Grove OR

Porter Cable's 4200 series dovetail jigs have some great conveniences that make much of that unnecessary. Unlike most dovetail jigs, these come fully assembled and ready to go, which in itself is a big time-saver.

New Fein MultiMaster Forest Grove OR

The MultiMaster is more powerful than older models and comes with a wider range of accessories in four different kits. For woodworkers, Fein has added a new HSS saw blade, 3-9/16-in. dia., that's perfect for hardwoods and laminates.

New Omnijigs from Porter-Cable Forest Grove OR

This template features split fingers that allow adjusting the width of the pins as well as their location. A 24-in template for cutting production-style half-blind dovetails will be available as an accessory.

New Way to Cut Tenons Forest Grove OR

A guide sheet is included with the bit, indicating which shims and spacers to use to achieve a tenon of a given size, but test cuts are still recommended to perfectly match the tenon to a mortise. You'll need at least a 2-1/4-hp router to rout the longest tenons in a single pass.

Nicely-Priced Dado Head Forest Grove OR

CMT's new Dado Pro ($149) is a dado head that stacks up pretty well. It does an excellent job in solid woods and works reasonably well in plywood. To produce tearout-free dadoes in plywood with this dado head, you have to feed the material at a slow rate. This limitation is common with dado heads in this price range.

Nicely-Priced HVLP Forest Grove OR

Overall I was able to get a reasonably good finish from the Earlex 3000. It wasn't perfect, but spraying a finish is much quicker than brushing. If you're interested in trying out HVLP finishes, this unit is a good starting point.

Nosy Belt Sander Forest Grove OR

According to Black & Decker, the Dragster platen is 25 percent larger than those on other 3-in. x 21-in. machines. The larger the platen, the easier it is to hold the machine flat when you're sanding panels.

No-Tweak Dovetail Jig Forest Grove OR

Guide rails fully support the router, so you don't have to balance it on the jig. And the jig comes fully assembled—all you have to do is bolt it to a board. This jig is easy to get started with and easy to use.

Oneida Air System's Clear Plastic Dust Deputy Forest Grove OR

The Dust Deputy is a static dissipative clear plastic molded miniature cyclone that can be mounted directly on or used with any standard shop vacuum. With the addition of the Dust Deputy the shop vacuum maintains peak vacuum performance even with continuous collection of fine dust over extended periods of time.

Perfect Scribe Every Time Forest Grove OR

Cabinets and countertops seldom fit perfectly to a wall. The traditional solution involves holding the cabinet in place and using a compass to transfer the wall contours to the cabinet's scribe strip then machining, sanding and filing the profile on the strip. It's a time-consuming battle for perfection.

Perfectly Sized Dadoes Forest Grove OR

You could make your own guide for the Dado Wiz, but the clamp guide, $45, is a worthwhile accessory. It automatically squares up against the edge of your material, rigidly locking in place. If you've already got this style of clamp, you can get the squaring head only for $25.

Plow Plane Revisited Forest Grove OR

Here's really good news for all you hand tool enthusiasts: Lee Valley has added an updated version of the Record No. 044 plow plane to their line of Veritas hand planes. If you've searched eBay long and hard for a complete 044 (see Tool Nut, page 14), look no longer.

Plunge Drill Forest Grove OR

Drilling a hole with a handheld drill is easy enough to do, but making the hole perfectly perpendicular to the surface can be tough. Triton has married a plunge mechanism to a cordless drill to create its new 18-volt cordless plunge drill for $289.

Power Sharpeners Forest Grove OR

If you haven't heard the word, there's been a quiet revolution in sharpening: abrasive discs. The idea is very simple. You take a round piece of PSA sandpaper, stick it onto a flat disc, and spin the disc with an electric motor. Hold a tool against the disc and suddenly you're removing metal at a pretty good clip– much faster than by hand.

Powerful Light-duty Tools Forest Grove OR

This drill comes packaged with batteries and a charger—it's one of four VPX starter sets. VPX batteries are interchangeable, so VPX add-on tools are packaged without batteries—you save money by buying only as many batteries as you need.

Powerhouse Routers Forest Grove OR

What's the one thing you need most when you're shaping dozens of raised panels on a router table? Power! These 3-hp monsters deliver plenty. There are two completely different kinds of 3-hp routers: fixed-base and plunge.

Precision Calipers Forest Grove OR

Many folks are surprised to learn the back of a caliper can measure the width and depth of a rabbet or dado. In addition, whenever you use a zero-clearance throat plate on your tablesaw, you can measure the height of your blade or dado set with the back of the caliper.

Precision Squares Forest Grove OR

Many combination squares aren’t very accurate, but this one is made to extremely precise tolerances and is individually checked before it leaves the factory. A good 12-in. square, like this one, should be no more than .002 in. out of square at the end of the blade (for comparison, a piece of paper is about .003 in. thick). Look for a published tolerance this small when you shop for any type of precision square.

Premium Resaw Bandsaw Blades Forest Grove OR

If you only resaw on occasion and want a blade primarily for general-purpose work, a flex-back or hard-back blade is your best choice. For hard-core resawing, the hard-back or bi-metal hook-tooth blades with three tpi did the best overall job.

Quick-Acting Clamps Forest Grove OR

The spread function lets you gently disassemble parts, with little or no mallet pounding. Clamp pressure is strong enough to pull together well-fitted parts, but as with other quick-acting clamps, I wouldn't rely on it for heavy-duty clamping situations, for instance, holding a router fence in position. Square-bottomed Multi-Grips will stand on their own, a handy feature when working on a benchtop.

Quick-Adjust Drawer Slides Forest Grove OR

Getting drawer fronts perfectly aligned inside a cabinet is now a lot easier, thanks to Accuride. Its updated 3832 series drawer slides include a clever cam-shaped adjustment device that gives you up to 3/16-in. wiggle room. Most slides have elongated slots for fussing with the fit, but cams are faster.

Quick-Change Chucks Forest Grove OR

We will introduce you to the new style of quick-change chuck. It’s a simple device that fits into any drill and costs less than $15. With one flick of the wrist, you can swap any hex-shank bit or driver in seconds.

Quick-Drying Gorilla Glue Forest Grove OR

Quick Cure is also available in a new type of container, called a Precision Glue Pen, which allows you to put a few drops of glue just where you need it. You can also use the pen to get into tight spaces.

Remote-Control Dust Collection Forest Grove OR

Do you turn on your dust collector every time you should? “I'm only making one cut,” you say. But how many times in a day do you make “only one cut”? A lot of devices on the market allow conveniently controlling your dust collector from a distance, but they have to be added to the system after the fact and cost $50 to $300.

Reshaping the Skew Chisel Forest Grove OR

Begin modifying a conventional skew by reshaping its sides (Photo 1). I prefer to do this on a belt sander mounted in a stand and equipped with a belt designed to cut metal (see Sources, page 44). Be sure to remove all the dust from the sander and set aside its bag to avoid starting a fire. Start with a 60-grit belt; finish with a 120-grit belt.

Return of the Stanley Sweetheart Plane Forest Grove OR

The line-up of five new Stanley Sweetheart premium hand planes includes a no.4 smoothing bench plane, a No. 62 low angle jack plane, a No.92 shoulder/chisel plane, a No. 60-1/2 block plane, and a No. 9-1/2 block plane. Each one touts a host of quality-driven features, which are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Ridgid Granite Top Saw Now in Stores Forest Grove OR

The kit includes the 10” Granite Top Table Saw, carbide-tipped blade, Herc-U-Lift® mobile base, rip fence, two rails, miter gauge, leg stand, dust chute, belt, blade guard assembly, two hand wheel assemblies, six hex keys, two blade wrenches, three storage hooks and operator’s manual.

Ridgid SmartCart Forest Grove OR

The vac's debris collection drum is located at the bottom of the unit and along with the 3-layer fine dust filter, slides easily out of the frame and makes dumping the debris and cleaning or changing the filter a snap.

Rikon Sliding Tablesaw Forest Grove OR

Its sliding table travels 49 in., more than enough to crosscut a full 4x8 sheet. The sliding table's miter gauge pivots 45 degrees both ways. On the right side of the blade, the fence can be slid far enough to rip stock up to 58 in. wide. That extra capacity is perfect for 5 ft. x 5 ft. sheets of Baltic Birch.

Rockler Bench Cookies Forest Grove OR

Four Bench Cookies will keep stock from slipping while being edge routed, sanded, or carved. Without any clamps getting in the way, users save time and can finish the job in one continuous step. As an assembly tool, Bench Cookies provide a stable and protective base to keep parts from shifting.

Rockler CNC Shark Routers Forest Grove OR

Three-axis travel on both models lets users make straight or curved cuts at various depths. The Shark also has a unique cutting mechanism. Instead of using an expensive built-in router, the machine works with an off-the-shelf Bosch Colt palm router, which can save thousands on replacement if the router fails.

Rockler Fluting Jig Forest Grove OR

With a sliding router plate and unique indexing system, the Fluting Jig makes setup a breeze. Users simply attach their router (the jig comes pre-drilled for most routers), adjust the jig’s underside rails to straddle the work piece and begin marking their flutes’ centerpoints on the erasable yellow pad.

Rockler Taper Jig Forest Grove OR

Most taper jigs require awkward, often dangerous, two-handed pressure to keep the work piece from drifting during the cut. The Rockler jig’s unique design addresses this common problem — and more.

Roll-Around Cyclone Forest Grove OR

The Portable requires minimal assembly and no wiring. You'll be up and running in under an hour. Read on to learn more information about the dust collecting machine below.

Rout Ellipses with Ease Forest Grove OR

Two new jigs from Trend make routing ellipses as easy as routing circles. Actually, these jigs rout circles, too. The Mini Ellipse Jig (shown above) is designed for use with a light-duty plunge router. It allows routing ellipses from 9-in. by 7-in. to 23-in. x 20-1/2-in. Install the pencil plug and you can also use the jig to draw ellipses and circles.

Router Lifts Forest Grove OR

Most lifts do not give you a cumulative readout. In other words, you have to keep track of the number of crank revolutions for height changes greater than 1/16 in. Some lifts allow you to zero out the height indicator. This is a great feature because it makes it possible to set your bits to exactly the same height every time you use them. For example, it practically eliminates the need for test cuts whenever you make stiles and rails for panel doors.

Rugged Low-Cost Bandsaw Forest Grove OR

This saw accepts blades from 3/16- to 3/4-in. wide. Its table is 42 in. above the floor, which is higher than most welded-frame saws. Low tables are handy for resawing, but a higher table makes it much easier to see the line on curved cuts.

Sandpaper Power Sharpening System Forest Grove OR

An excellent sharpening system has just gotten better and cheaper! The Veritas Mark II ($300) sharpens chisels, plane irons, carving gouges and V-tools incredibly fast with a minimum of fuss.

Self-clamping Biscuit Forest Grove OR

To use a Fixo, cut one #20-sized biscuit slot across the two pieces you want to join. Apply some glue to the joint's mating surfaces, then drive in the Fixo with a hammer bottom photo). Curved ridges molded into the glass-reinforced plastic biscuit pull the joint together.

Shaper or Router Table? Forest Grove OR

A 3-1/2-hp router table setup can handle the occasional kitchen and, coupled with today's router bits, is even capable of making full-size, 1-3/4-in.-thick exterior doors. But a router is not designed for large-scale wood removal on a continuous basis.

Sharp Edges–Fast Forest Grove OR

Raise your hand if you've ever had a difficult time sharpening chisels, plane irons, or carving tools. Okay, that's just about everyone. Now take a close look at these amazing new machines from Professional Tool Manufacturing—they'll sharpen any one of these tools in just a couple minutes, with no fuss at all.

Simple, Accurate Bit-Height Gauge Forest Grove OR

The eight profiles it contains are lock miter, 22.5-degree lock bit, drawer lock, reverse glue joint, groove of a tongue and groove, glass-panel cope cutter, raised-panel cope cutter and raised panel. These profiles are specific to CMT and Sommerfeld's bits and may not work with other brands.

Slow Speed Grinders Forest Grove OR

This page provides relevant content and local businesses that can help with your search for information on Slow Speed Grinders. You will find informative articles about Slow Speed Grinders, including "Slow-Speed Grinders - Tools - American Woodworker". Below you will also find local businesses that may provide the products or services you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Forest Grove, OR that can help answer your questions about Slow Speed Grinders.

Small Shop CNC Forest Grove OR

The PRSstandard is ideal when high-speed positioning is not a priority. The PRSstandard can always be upgraded to a PRSalpha, so it's a great place to start. ShopBot CNC systems are designed for ease of use. But, like any new skill, learning CNC technology requires time and practice.

Small, But Effective, Dust Collector Forest Grove OR

Steel City's cool new Mini DC, $100 can be used two ways. You can run it as a stand-alone dust collector or place it in-line with a central dust collection system to “supercharge” the air flow and get better collection.

Smart Digital Miter Gauge Forest Grove OR

The ProMiter-100 is a well engineered, precision miter gauge designed for woodworkers by a woodworker, Mario Salazar, owner of Salazar Solutions. With the ProMiter-100 you can set angles to within 0.1 degree of accuracy from -50 degrees to +50 degrees in a matter of seconds, rather than minutes.

Spiral Router Bits Forest Grove OR

I've routed miles of grooves in my life, but the quality of cut I've been getting from spiral bits still amazes me. I love these bits! The secret is in the spiral design, which cuts the wood through a shearing action.

Spiral-Cutterhead Planer Forest Grove OR

If you've heard the buzz about carbide spiral cutterheads on jointers, you'll definitely want to check out the G1021X2 15-in. planer from Grizzly. This planer's cutterhead has dozens of small carbide cutters arranged in a spiral pattern (photo, right), and far outperforms cutterheads with standard HSS knives.

Stainless Steel Sanding Discs Forest Grove OR

When I first looked at the Microplane stainless steel sanding discs I thought, “There's no way that can work. It'll just tear up the wood.” But now that I've logged lots of hours of sanding with this product, I'm a believer. According to the manufacturer this product will remove wood five times faster than a conventional abrasive, while outlasting it seven times.

Stamped Steel or Cast Iron Wings? Forest Grove OR

Over the long haul, you'll find that cast-iron wings have atleast four valuable benefits that are worth the extra money. First, acast-iron wing is much more rugged and is more likely to remain flatafter years of use.

State-of-the-Art Router Table Forest Grove OR

You do need to be careful not to nudge the front handle with your leg or you could change the bit height. The lift is designed to grip the motor of the Porter-Cable 7518 3-hp fixed-base router.

Super Souped Up Bandsaw Forest Grove OR

The G0555X uses ball bearing blade guides above and below the table. Ball bearing guides are especially handy when using wide resaw blades. The saw accepts blades from 92-1/2-in. to 93-1/2-in. long, and 1/8 to 3/4-in. wide.

Super Spokeshave Forest Grove OR

Spokeshaves are a pleasure to use at the bench. You can smooth curved parts that are rough cut on a bandsaw or put those final hand-sculpted touches anywhere on a piece of furniture. A spokeshave can be pushed or pulled and take off light or heavy shavings.

Super-Safe Contractor's Saw Forest Grove OR

The contractor's saw will use the same highly engineered blade-stopping technology as the cabinet saw. We think it's the best safety feature to be introduced in years.

Super-Sized Excalibur Scroll Saw Forest Grove OR

The tilting head mechanism makes scrolling at an angle a dream. A large knob on the front of the machine controls a rack and pinion mechanism for tilting the saw up to 45-degrees left and right with positive stops at 22.5-degrees, 30-degrees and 45-degrees. Release the lock lever and turn the knob to adjust.

Tame Your Belt Sander Forest Grove OR

Does the prospect of using a belt sander make your palms sweat and your hands shake? I feel your pain. Belt sanders have a bad rap as the quickest way to ruin a project. Use them incorrectly and your project starts to look like the rolling hills of Ireland.

The Mini Series from Easy Wood Tools Forest Grove OR

The Mini Rougher uses the same square cutters as the original Ci2. It features a 3/8" x 4" tool bar, and is 16" in overall length. Curved edge cutters (R2) for the Mini Rougher will also be available starting in late Winter 2010.

The Shadow Knows Forest Grove OR

. Like many lasers, the shadow shows you exactly where the blade is going to cut. But there's a catch with lasers: most of them only show you where one side of the blade will cut. The shadow shows the entire kerf, so it doesn't matter whether your waste piece is on the left or right side of the blade.

Three-Base Router System Forest Grove OR

The fixed and D-handle bases have an easy-to-use lever-style locking clamp and a great micro-adjustment ring, which simplifies setting bit depth. The plunge base has a micro-adjust for fine-tuning bit depth and a stop rod for setting plunge depth, but lacks a turret for setting multiple depths-of-cut.

Tool Talk: Forstner Bits Forest Grove OR

The knife-edge is the most traditional Forstner design and does a great job of cutting nonstandard holes. That's because it has the fewest rim interruptions. Its rim is ground to create an inside bevel with a sharp knife-edge.

Tool Test: Bandsaws Forest Grove OR

If you stop it (which is very easy to do on an underpowered machine), you get a nasty bump. On a 1-hp saw, you must proceed very slowly when resawing and pay a lot of attention to how the motor is performing. Resawing is easier on a 1-1/2-hp saw, for boards up to 6-in. wide. Beyond that, you want 2, 2-1/2 or even 3 hp —the more, the better.

Tool-Controlled Dust Collection Forest Grove OR

Do you use your dust collector every time you should? Probably not. With this new system, you will—without any extra effort. System 1 from Creative Dust Control is fully automatic. The system consists of a motorized blast gate, a tool module and a vacuum module. It's available for both 110- and 220-volt machines.

Top Saw Pocket Wrench Forest Grove OR

The Pocket Wrench is a hand tool that has 8 tools in it to allow the user to work on a chainsaw in the field. The following article has more detailed information about the product.

Trend Anglefix and Multiscribe Forest Grove OR

The beauty of the Anglefix Guide is in its simplicity. Place the two legs of the AngleFix Guide on outside or inside corners. Remove the tool and position it on the miter saw and place the saw blade against the metal alignment tab.

T-Track Forest Grove OR

Some T-tracks require special connectors that are only available from one supplier. Pre-drilled for Easy Mounting We prefer T-tracks that are pre-drilled and countersunk to accept No. 6 or bigger wood screws (Photo 3). It's also nice to have screw holes spaced no more than 5 in. apart.

Tune Up an Old Chisel Forest Grove OR

These steps are equally useful for a new tool, fresh from the box. Please notice that I put equal emphasis on the chisel’s bevel and back. Both must be in perfect condition, for every sharp edge has two sides. Let’s begin with the back.

Two New Work Sharp Wheels Forest Grove OR

With the Surface Conditioning Wheel (MSRP $24.95) users can de-burr parts, remove rust, paint, and other various coatings along with light sanding and surface preparation tasks on their Work Sharp.

Upgrade Your Lift with Digital Accuracy And Repeatability Forest Grove OR

The system installs in under 30-minutes. It's easy to calibrate, allowing you to start at zero or preset any starting position. You can also toggle between absolute and incremental readings at the push of a button.

Variable-Speed Mini Lathe Forest Grove OR

A 1/2-hp motor supplies the power. The Steel City machine has a 10-in. swing over the bed and 15-in. capacity between centers. Adding a bed extension increases the capacity to 37-3/4 in. The drive spindle is 1-in. diameter with 8 threads per inch (tpi). Both the head and tail stock take a No. 2 Morse taper.

Veritas Planes Forest Grove OR

Veritas planes have a generous amount of room in front of the rear handle. This is particularly welcome on smooth planes, where space is often cramped. The handle is supported on top to prevent it from breaking, a common problem with old Stanley planes.

Versatile Miter Saw Stand Forest Grove OR

Ridgid's Miter Saw Utility Vehicle (MS-UV, available at Home Depot stores) offers a great solution for woodworkers who don't have room to permanently mount their miter saw. The MS-UV securely holds almost any miter saw, including sliders, at a comfortable working height and folds compactly in less than a minute for storage or transporting to a job site.

Versatile Push Block Forest Grove OR

The foot in the Joy Block pad is spring loaded. When the block is used in the middle of a board, downward pressure on the handle compresses the spring so the foot recesses into the pad. When pressure is released the foot springs out, where it can engage the edge of a board.

Versatile Throat Plate Forest Grove OR

Zero-clearance throat plates are one of the best accessories you can put on your tablesaw. With a slot that tightly fits the blade, you get less tear-out and no trapped offcuts, with both standard blades and dado sets. Buying a whole stack of throat plates for every width of dado cut can really add up, though.

Waterstones Forest Grove OR

Most waterstones come in two sizes: regular and large. Large stones are thicker, wider and longer, so they have more wear surface. The extra width of a large stone is handy for wide plane irons, but not essential.

Wooden Nails Forest Grove OR

The most cumbersome aspect of using this system is clamping all the parts together for drilling, but you would run into the same problem using screws. The Miller Dowel is designed for butt or lap joints where you might otherwise use screws and plugs.

Woodworking Tools Forest Grove OR

We all love wood, whether it's a wide clear board or a gnarly slab with wild grain. That's why sawing our own lumber crosses the minds of most woodworkers. It might be inspired by the sight of a big tree blown down by a storm, a custom tabletop made from only one or two slabs of unusual wood or the thought of free wood.